Thursday, April 26, 2012

Being alone and drifting

 I have realised due to various circumstances and personal nature, I am going to be mostly alone.

To have some good friends , I need to be my own best friend. Trouble is right now my best friend (me) tends to be my most unforgiving critic! He prActically calls me a loser.

I am coming to be comfortable with that.  I am becoming a drifter. I am aimless and vision less

Learning to be alone in all sense of the word.

Slowly I am turning into cynical sensitive drifter who is scared to feel anything for anyone. Scared that when people get close and see your stripped away pysche they don't wanna be part of that.

The only way I can deal with being alone is to travel and meet new people. It's a rather ironical solution. Makes scores of new people and yet will always be alone. 

Thus I be a drifter!!