Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am Bored

Does it seem like the days are getting more and more boring that you are getting numb to the feeling.

It is becoming more like get up from bed. Take a bath. Go to work. Work work work. Get back.
Nowadays the work part seems like blur. Not because it’s fast and exciting but simply cos u can’t remember what is so worth that u did at work and it all seems a blur.

I slept so well last night. Beautiful deep sleep. That is rare. But when I arrived at work and spend an hour here, I am sleepy again. I am sitting here and yawning away.
Yawn.. Even now!

My mind can’t think of ideas. And at last today I get a job that requires some thinking and I can’t seem to do so.
My favorite work nowadays is to keep calculating how much our project cost. It involves no brains. Its easy esp. with excel. No need to think, just type in the nos. but now I have to think.

My thoughts keep revolving back to the fact that I have no other thoughts. I try think and all I think is about the fact I can’t think.
I would like to blame all this on Monday blues, but deep down it aint. I simply lost my will to work here.
People who knew few years earlier would be surprised at such a comment of mine. I was known as a workaholic.
I thought I was one too. I was proud of that.
Then I met my boss. He is a true workaholic. I am proud now I aint what he is.

Work life balance. The attempt to balance your work and personal time.
Here, it’s a slow realization that works is life and balance everything else in the few hours away from it. No one seems to realize there is more in life than just work.

Question to all.
Would u find work close to where u live or will live close to where u work?

Answer to all
Should there be either such consideration?