Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Any one who knows me or have talked to me for at least an hour would have heard me tout the beauty of change. I decided I shall put this view down so that people who didn’t talk to me anytime will come to find why I live for changes.

Time and life is a continuous process of change….one day is never the same as a previous day. There are people who say they want change but in the same breath expect stability. I say to these people who look at stability that one can only achieve a sate of pseudo stability by just simple adapting to changes.

Woes are those who try to fight the winds of change. Because the stronger u fight the wind…the faster the wind turns into a storm. A storm or a hurricane which will blow you off your feet and turn your world upside down. In these ways changes are almost always accompanied by despair and violence.

A current example in an Indian context would be the rise in Hindu fundamentalism…or any kind of overt show of religious fervor. Which change are they fighting? I say most are fighting the change in shift of faith. NO! I aint talking about people converting religion. I am talking about the slow seepage of faith in people as more and more people are beginning to lose their faith in the dogma of religion and slowly in the institution of GOD. In response to this rising ‘godlessness’ the devouts are thumbing their chest crying more loudly about the greatness of religion and denounce almost anything modern or what they call ‘western’ which supposedly is causing this.

The funny thing is instead of joining forces and fighting the rising loss of faith. The so called vanguards of each religion divert their frustration and anger at each other.

And here comes the violence, destruction which leaves many of the faithful dead and the faithless shaking their heads. And they hope to fight changes.

Civilization or countries that still fight changes are the ones we observe to be the most backward, under developed and simmering with civil tension and war.

Another example of change is globalization. It is one of the main pave makers for change and one of the better examples that most people do accept and embrace. Of course globalization too has its opposition. But the points of opposition of these opposition if taken ignoring many other of their ramble would actually only help in fine tuning the globalization agenda that would benefit the most.

Now change in a more personal perspective. I love changes mainly because I get bored of things fast. I require challenges that are thrown in my time to time with differences so that I won’t have a book to refer for solutions or procedures. Of course any corporate house would hate to face any such kind of challenges. I mean their entire process would be jeopardy if some thing doesn’t have a procedure. But any good corporate would have a crisis management team. That’s where I would belong. The down side is when it comes to personal life. Ur family or spouse not necessarily enjoy your views on the issue. A more scary thought that at times come to my head is... Would I get bored of the person I love?

My comfort with change though has helped me deal with new situations, change in locations, adapt to differences in dealing and forming a whole new plethora of relationships at the new place. But the same easiness has prevented me from getting real close to people beyond a certain point and it finds me incapable of calling any place home.

Blessed are they who feel love for one place. Cursed are they too when they let that love blind them. This love blinds them from the winds of change concerning that place. They can’t expect a place, its people and the values always to remain same. It is bound to change because changes are happening in other parts of the world. And with such an interconnected world as now the other changes influence changes closer to home. I feel this love can be a liability if one doesn’t have an open mind. People talk about patriotism as a deterrent to change. My reply is so did the Nazi’s call themselves patriots.

Changes occur in perception of morality and what is right. A hundred years ago….sati, dowry, child marriage etc was pretty common place and accepted as norm. But now all these are against the law and punishable. The American mental association used to call before homosexuality as a mental disease till they removed it from their list when people began to accept homosexuality as something more natural than abnormal. So perceptions changes with time and new thoughts. There are even people who even don’t accept these changes in perceptions even now and fight against it. They then tend to be more and more ostracized and in their anger turn violent against the previous segment who were outcasts. I would though in matters of homosexuality India still have a lot to change.

What we also observe now is the speed of change. Even the most progressive minded and change embracing people nowadays find it difficult to keep changing themselves along with change. This mismatch happens not in all specters of life but there are certain weak points for some. In my own case I admit, being what I consider a change embracing guy, I find it difficult to keep abreast and adapt myself to changes in technology connected to computers and mobiles. My techno-challenged self thus finds it difficult at times to compete with many other better techno savvy people. But nevertheless I am trying. But there are many such people in this world who find themselves in similar situation and only bother to complain.

Soon the speed of change is going to be at a very fast rate that in some way some how…we all be left in the dust. Therefore I believe we would see a shift of importance to the youth. I don’t mean the 20 some thing youth but 15 something kids. Every corporate or powerhouse of any sort in the world is going to turn to them to be kept abreast of changes. We shall also see a decrease in the age of management in many places. The CEO’s of companies are going to be getting only younger and more dynamic to be abreast. The sway of business proficiency has always been with the ones who embraced change and now onwards it is going to be more so. We see technology companies increasing the frequency with they bring out new prototypes and new models. Less is becoming the fear from companies about coming out with some thing way ahead of time because even as that thought enters someone’s head that time is here.

So I say embrace change. People say the are lot of constant in this world. I say there is only one and that is change. So life is completely about changes and how u cope with it. You ride the wave of change until we reach the only absolute i.e. death.

I end this simple by these lines……