Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A City too easy to run into!!!

I have been living in Cardiff for a year and half now. It’s a small sweet city with a lot of fun packed with in it. People who love Cardiff says one of its greatest appeals is that it’s a small city.

I have to agree that its small size is very good. Especially for a student who has no means of transport and is too much of the stingy guy to travel by the public transport. I can walk around easily to different parts in this city.

But this city’s size is also its bane. Having one main shopping and central area in the city, means you may run into people you know. This is ok when you are in a good sociable mood. Then it’s a pleasant surprise, few words are exchanged and then you slowly move on. You find the moments fleeting and lovely.

But when you are not in the sociable mood, it becomes a pain. You are walking along thinking of various things that bothering you that day, many usually on a given day, and then you bump in to someone you know.

This individual is usually is someone you get along well with and enjoy the conversation with but at this moment, he/she is the most irritating person for you. (To all potential people I will meet on the street... please, it’s not you, it’s me.... I am the weird one). At such moments your mind is racing to think of reasons why you need to rush away and be somewhere else. These moments are anything but fleeting. They are long and as lovely as a prickly cactus thrown in your face. (Yes I did think a bit for that comparison)

So dear friends.... I like reiterate... it’s not you...it’s me!

Anyone else has interesting observations on the size of this city?