Monday, January 7, 2008



The brain dead movement is a unofficial struggle brought forth by the brain less class of leaders that run a country. They decided that through this movement by making the masses brain dead they wud do some good and expect to divert the country in a direction of absolute waste and confusion. The catch is once the masses are brain dead they would know none the better. The logic of this plan is that they hold in reserve a not so brain dead candidate who they bring out in the final hour as the messiah and who brings in idea which at that time seems clever but in the present state of firing grey cell would be still stupid. So now the brain dead masses follow the leader and soon rise to a state of semi brain dead…. At which point the rival party of bain dead leaders who lead another brain dead movement to revert us all back to nill gray cell activism!
So this is an end cycle from which the masses rise from semi brain deadness to full scale moron ness!! One might as where are the intellectuals and the clever ppl. Where are they indeed? I have a theory that when the intelligent folks come near the brain dead ..the over powering brain dead rays coming from the masses just shuts down all their power and they revert to a brain dead stage. Man is intelligent… ppl are brain dead!

Let us now dwell deep into brain deadness. Why is there so much brain dead ppl exist? What poses a mass of ppl lose last realms of sane thought and go on rampages that are violent destructive and cause pain. There are many theories going around on this. My favourite brought up by a noted thinker Mr. Reyan Remar . he suggests that during such mass get together the rising heat causes pheromone levels through sweating rise. These levels in such huge mass combined quantity which detected by the olfactory senses of our brains, which he suggest are linked with brain dead behavior. Though in a short word ..when masses get together ..the stink make them brain dead. This theory thus also suggest why certain ppl have more brain deadening effect on people than many others. This mainly cos they sweat more. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the people in question are brain dead themselves. If u notice sweaty ppl are the last to notice their stink. So they have natural defense. So these ppl are the lucky ones who are un affected mostly and always end up looking cleverer than the most.

So what can we do for this. Deodorants.. talc powders are clever sublime products brought forward by well meaning companies against this rising threat. What we need now is a spread of awareness among the people about this threat. Companies making the deo’s should point out to the treat directly in their ads! Its now their social responsibility. I am sure they can get tax exemption from government my linking this in part with their corporate responsibility. What else is there.? Avoid getting together in large groups I wonder if that aint too radical a measure? Well in these dire times I guess radical measures are needed. Maybe that is why curfew are there and in some countries they say ppl above a certain numbers need permission to congregate! They feel the potential danger of such an act. These governments must be really clever.

A situation I recently noticed of this mass phenomenon is the traveling of people in Mumbai in the local trains. At times of rush people are squeezed together and crushed in a small space where obviously there will be a huge rise in pheromone levels. What else wud u expect in such an environment. There is cussing, rude and angry behaviour where minutes are not gone when u here verbal duels going on where each try to intimidate the other into submissions. This is not observed in a near empty train. More reason to believe in Mr. reyan’s theories?