Monday, January 25, 2010


In this year 2010 I turn 25 and I feel like contemplating the past 2 decades of my life and what I hope is the next one.

The first decade of 1991- 2000 would be decade of my childhood. It’s a decade where life main worries were rather simple and easily resolved. You were mostly without worries and full of play. This was a decade where I mostly spend in the country of UAE. Frankly most of the main ambition during this time for me was about how well I scored in my exams. I was a bit of a nerd.

The second decade of 2001 – 2010 is about growing up.. It is about maturing from adolescence into a man. It was mostly a decade where you learned to step away from your parents control and safety and face the world on your own two feet. It’s the time of deepest of most conflicting emotions and confusions coupled with absolute inexperience and ignorance on how to deal with them.

It was in this decade I started to become really interested in females and the birds and the bees and slowly becoming aware of them. It was a subject I was rather obsessed about and I ‘researched’ a lot on it. There were many other interesting worries that troubled me during this decade. But the most preoccupying topic that concerned me was “what do I want to do and become?”. It was definitely a topic that worried me a lot. Being in the Indian educational system, I followed the formulas and supposition and became an engineer. The basic assumptions where that if you did great in 10th, you should take science in 11th and 12th. From there on your only choice is to be an engineer or doctor. Since I never had much of liking for biology I went on to become an engineer – a mechanical engineer at that since I liked planes (go figure).

And I worked in an automobile company. But I didn’t do any work connected to my stream. I was involved in internal communications and change management.

After 2 years working there, I am now going to go for my higher studies. But a course in film producing and I now believe I think I finally found the field I want to make a career out of.

That was what this decade was about. It was about maturing, self realization (the basic stuff) etc. This was also the decade where I spend the most time in India.

I now look at the next decade as the decade of anchoring. It will be the decade where I make the foundation and the direction of my career. It would be the decade where I finally figure out the kind of partner I am looking for and settling down with her (hopefully) and I hope this would be the decade where I finally find a place I want to settle down. I have also decided to try to have the maximum of experience in this decade and to be more risk taking. It took me the last decade to realize that lie is about all these little experiences and I intend to use the coming decade to rack up a lot of it, including travelling to more countries. I start by doing my course in UK.

So here is to the next decade. I look forward to it with great optimism (a lil concern). I hope it will be the same for others